Tips for Paladin’s Legacy

I thought it would be wise to post a few key tips for my game since after all of these years it seems there are still some folks interested in playing Paladin’s Legacy.  This post was edited by the author in 2013 to include a link to the game manual, a summary of commands and a link to the post that outlines how to download Paladin’s Legacy on your computer.  I’ve now tested Paladin’s Legacy in Windows 7 and Windows 8.  It works great!

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Before getting into content specific tips, here are a summary of the commands:
E: Enter city, castle, cathedral
B: Board boat
L: Leave boat
S: Statistics and Inventory (about your character)
C: Climb up ladder
D: Climb down ladder
T: Talk to people (Press T then a direction)
Q: Save game
R: Restore old game
G: Get chest or Black Box
U: Use an item
A: Attack (used to initiate an attack)
Spacebar: used for game combat.  Once attacked, pressing spacebar will cycle through the combat sequence until either you or your opponent are dead.


#1  There is a wood Nymph in the city of Elm who will heal you for free if you are pure of heart.  If you steal something, you will become un-pure.  If that happens, just donate at the cathedral just west of the main castle and you become pure again.  The city of Elm is just West of the main castle in the forest.  You can steal a boat in the City of Thieves in the swamps to the east.
#2  The game is very very difficult at first.  You have no armor, no weapons low health and low food.  When you create your character max out strength and dexterity.  Intelligence and wisdom aren’t even used in the game.  I couldn’t figure out what to use them for but I put them in there because it seemed the thing to do at that time.  Str and Dex do make a difference in combat.  Also buy the lowest lvl weapons and armor you can afford and build from there.
#3  There is only one save game.  I’ll repeat that.  There is only one save game.  There is a huge design flaw in the game that took me 20 years to find.  That’s a joke because 20 years ago these quirks were everywhere in games.  Keep in mind text adventures were big back then.  Anyway, when you die your game is reset.  I know that really sucks!  But if you save game just after dying it sucks even more.  If you die, just reload your previous and only saved game.
#4  Whatever you do…..Do not save game in the Dungeon unless you are absolutely sure you can make it back out without dying.  If you die down there, you’ll just have to reload and start back down there over and over or reset the game from death and start all over again.  UGH!  I should have never allowed save games in the dungeon.  This one got passed me, my beta testing friend and the publisher.  Again, I don’t think it was a flaw back in those days.  What you need to do is just save at the entrance of the dungeon and then head down and don’t save again while you are down there.  It’s dark and mean in the dungeons.
#5  You can find the Elven Torch which will light your way in the dungeon by entering the dungeon on the other side of the mountains.  You’ll need climbing gear to cross the mountains and a theives kit to enter the dungeons.  You can buy all of these along with snow boots, used to cross snow covered mountains, at the City of Thieves called Tabor Slyth in the southeast of the map in the swamps.
#6  In order to enter the mines/dungeon, you need a Thieves kit purchased at the city of thieves.  Stand in front of the mine door and type “U” then choose the Thieves kit from your Use Items scroll.  This will open the door to the mines.  Then step on the open door to the mines and press “d” to go down.  C = climb at a ladder.  D = down the ladder and enter mine.
Let me know if I can help with anything else.
Allan Chaney
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